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If you were in the market for a new car would you:

  1. Walk into a car dealer and start test driving cars 
  2. Buy the car you saw on a commercial while watching television last night
  3. Research current car offerings by doing a Google search for various makes and models to determine the best car for your situation

When you bought the last piece of equipment for your company did you:

  1. Buy the equipment from the first sales rep that cold called you
  2. Call various manufactures and invite a sales rep to come by your company and talk with you
  3. Research the current equipment offerings by doing a Google search for various makes and models to determine the best machine for your situation

Your print buyers are no different than you. They are researching products and services by doing a Google search for materials they need to run their business.


In today’s changing marketplace, print buyers, like most individuals, would rather gather information from print and online sources than speak to a sales representative. In fact, 61% of Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers report third-party sites and feedback from business partners, industry peers or social channels as more important than conversations with a company’s sales team when making a purchasing decision for their company.**

"Your website is crucial to converting prospects into customers"

This means your website is crucial to converting prospects into customers. And, we’re not talking about a web-to-print solution where the customer is looking for the cheapest price. In fact, research shows, that for most buyers, cost is not the top factor. Buyers prioritize the customer experience over the price of a product or service when weighing a purchase decision.

embracing new sales processes

Businesses that have made changes and have embraced new sales processes that focus on the customer’s experience are outperforming their peers. These companies have reported:

  • A 61% increase in customer loyalty
  • A 60% increase in revenue
  • A 60% increase in their customer base

Print Buyers Looking to Make a Purchase

Right now, this minute, print buyers are making purchasing decisions for their company. Today’s print buyer can conduct research anywhere and at any time, day or night. This means that information about your company must be available when and where they are weighing a purchase decision.

So, ask yourself:

  • What changes have you made in your marketing efforts to help print buyers along their journey to purchase a quality printed product?
  • What changes can you make to improve a print buyer’s experience?
  • What information about your company can you make available to print buyers to inform and help them in their buying decision?

Online Marketing

First, understand that your website is your showroom. Here is where potential clients will learn about your unique approach to designing, creating and producing a printed product. Your site should contain interesting images and informative video to educate your clients.

"Your website is your showroom"

Next, you’ll need to develop ways to direct clients to your website. This may be through online and offline channels. Companies have found that blog posts, social media channels, videos, and/or direct mail work well to help potential customers find your website.

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**Global Survey: B2B is the New B2C

Work Redesigned: Seizing New Opportunities in a Changing Workplace

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