Social Media Management

Social media is an extremely powerful tool that allows your business to be a part of the conversation. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other outlet, we can help you determine which will work best for your company. Our goal is to help you engage with the world. JLH Group can assist you with:

In-house Training
Social Media Management

In-house training for you and your employees: Whether you’re new to online marketing or looking to increase and improve your online marketing strategies, JLH Group will provide in-house training to help you meet your goal. You will learn to:

  • Build and strengthening your brand: social media gives you the strongest and broadest opportunity to both find your target audience and to engage in conversation with them. It opens the door that can allow you to shape the way your brand is viewed and to leverage consumer opinions to aid that mission.
  • Drive conversions: One of smartest reasons to use social media is the boost it can have on your conversion efforts. It can help drive sales, increase leads or simply drive people to action.
  • Increase and monitor your online presence: Social media is all about the conversation. It’s about the only space in the world where consumers talk to each other, and to companies, in an environment that can be tracked, sorted and followed-up with. This makes social media a prime outlet for companies who want to know what customers are saying about them.

Social Media Management: Social media can be time consuming and often requires more than a creative understanding of one's brand. To provide posts that are both engaging and relevant to your social media followers requires:

  • Researching, analyzing, interpreting and reporting on information that will help your followers. You must help them with their pain points. Providing this type of information is what moves your company into the position of a thought leader.
  • Effective social media posting requires a technical understanding of the nuances of the various programs such as: choosing, editing and posting optimal size images; working with and creating effective ads with images and videos; tracking actions to the appropriate website.
  • It’s also important that the creator of the posts have a strong understanding of the mechanics of writing.

To help you reach your online marketing goals the social media consultants at JLH Group will:

  • Meet with you to develop an understanding of your business perspective
  • Post updates, create Facebook ads and post to your social media channels with an aim at driving sales and increasing your ROI
  • Monitor and update your social media channels on behalf of your company